Professional Mastering services for CD, Radio, Streaming and Digital Download

A professional studio with full range PMC Monitors and a wide selection of digital and analogue equipment

An experienced engineer with a world wide client base

High quality CD duplication and replication


Mastering is the final opportunity to get your music as vibrant, punchy, majestic, dynamic – whatever your requirements – as possible. A lot of people have a laptop full of plug-ins and will tell you they can master, but come and have a listen to your music on some full range speakers and hear the difference. Fancy some real valves to warm up your track? You won’t find them in a lot of places, but we have them.


Radio station says it’s too long? The chorus should be halved before the second verse and doubled in the outro? No one will play it because of the swearing half way through the bridge? We’ve edited tracks for the best of them and if you can lay your hands on the instrumental and accapella you’ll be amazed at what is possible. Come and hear what we can do.