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On The River Thames




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Dennis WhiteProducer (Sasha / Sentre)
We love what Tony does to our mixes, he understands the music and also appreciates how it’s going to be heard. Always a delicate touch with some nice character!
David Sinclair(singer, songwriter & bandleader)
Tony Dixon has mastered four of my albums with great skill, care and courtesy. Masterpiece by nameā€¦ and result!
WileyGodfather of Grime
All good bro!
CJ Beatz
We’ve used Tony multiple times as the quality speaks for itself. He’s time efficient & always delivers us back an incredible sounding record


Welcome to the new home of Masterpiece Masters

After what seems like a blink of an eye, but was in fact eight years, Masterpiece has moved from Hammersmith to Platts Eyot, a small island on the River Thames, near Hampton Court Palace.

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